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Does anyone know where is the best social networking site that really help people to earn money?

July 28th, 2011

I am looking at long term relationship with people that really want help me to grow.And I am looking at a social networking for making money every month.

I want long terms residual income social networking and making personal contact with people.

I am tire of selling a program to a program that cheat,hype and bragging all the way.

So,if there a site? Please help!

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how do i make a SSN “Social Security Number” data type in MS access?

July 28th, 2011

I want to set up a field in an Access data base with a SSN style auto format Example, when i input 123456789, id like it to format to 123-45-6789 … I got appointed this job being the “Computer geek” of the office but i have little to no experience with Access… thanks

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Anyone know how I can check the popularity of names on the Social Security website??

July 26th, 2011

I can’t seem to find the proper link. I’m not looking for just the top ten most popular. I’m looking for at least the top 1000. Hope you can help. Thanks in advance. :)

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Social Media Traffic helps in selling affiliate products?

July 26th, 2011

Today there are several ways to get traffic to your website. Social media traffic is one of them does traffic from stumbleupon, facebook, myspace, digg etc will help convert better for affiliate marketing.


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Social Marketing Tips – 4 Simple Steps Social Marketing Success!

November 9th, 2010

Social Marketing Tips – 4 Simple Steps Social Marketing Success!

Social marketing looks very simple from the outside however if you want to send traffic to your sites using social networks you will need to work hard. There are so many different types of social networking sites all over the web however only a handful are well-liked. You will have to put together your social marketing plan to particular audiences at popular websites.

Below are four steps to make contact with potential customers within social networks:

Step #1: Your social marketing plan must be to pick out the correct social network. You will have to pick out the top 5 social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc and then create an account. Whilst you create an account, give personal information and always provide your website URL along with any blogs you have.

Step #2: Once you have an account which is live, next in your social marketing strategy should be to find friends to sign up to the network.

Step #3: As soon as you have a sufficient amount of friends, start sharing information about your online business and Your website URL with your new friends. On social networks word travels fast and the information given by you gets shared with hundreds of people within that network. Doing this will indirectly market your online business and ensure a regular flow of potential traffic to your website.

Step #4: Always look to join groups. Experts think that large groups have lots of members and that is where your social marketing plan will totally work. Join lots of groups and share your information and website URL.

By simply following the steps above will assist you in reaching a huge audience very fast!

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The Social Network Movie Review: What is ‘The Social Network’ starring Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield

November 9th, 2010

The Social Network Movie Review: What is ‘The Social Network’ starring Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield

Have you heard the news yet about The Social Network Movie?  What a clever idea for the movie industry to capitalize on.  To tell the story about the new popular culture surrounding social networks and online social networking and marketing.  Sometimes being nicknamed, “The Facebook Move”, “The Social Network” by David Fincher is a movie all about one of the internet world’s most popular websites, Facebook!

Social Network sites have become a huge part of my life in the last few years for communication, socializing and even business, as they have for millions of other people, so this new movie is likely to be a huge event for Social Networkers around the world.

So what is The Social Network all about?  Here is The Social Network movie review all laid out!

What is The Social Network? The Social Network Movie Review:

At first glance, The Social Network movie is all about the story of the creation of Facebook, a social networking site developed in a college dorm room at Harvard University back in 2004.  Facebook has almost single-handedly redefined the way we look at online communication, networking and even social media marketing.  But The Social Network movie is not just about facebook, but also a picture of what happens with success and failure in a person’s life as well as the deep-down need in each person to be accepted.

The opening scene in The Social Network, which is loosely based on “The Accidental Billionaires”, by Ben Mezrich, introduces us to the lead character, Mark Zuckerberg, a highly intelligent but also insecure and socially awkward character.  The scene involves a conversation between Mark and his girlfriend which really helps to illustrate Mark’s personality and psychological reasons for creating something that will help him to feel more acceptance in his life.

So the movie, The Social Network, is not only funny and entertaining but a brilliantly, clever depiction of the culture surrounding social networks and social media and why it has become so popular and so successful. Showing scenes where many people will be able to connect and relate, we see Mark in situations where he is trying to be accepted and gain friends but always ending up in utter rejection.

The Social Network, Facebook, is a multi-billion dollar concept that was ultimately rooted in one man’s desire to gain popularity and acceptance in life, however unsuccessfully in his real-life attempts.

Review of The Social Network Success and Pop Culture:

The Social Network, while it tells the tale of the rise and creation of Facebook and it’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg, really emphasizes the cost of having too much of a desire for acceptance if it results in a blind attempt at climbing social ladders.

I think that one of the other reasons that Facebook has grown so quickly is that this desire for acceptance as well as the ability to connect and communicate so easily has just been so exciting for people. Facebook has even grown to the point now where it receives more daily visitors than even Google!

But an interesting thing as well, is that when Facebook was initially launched, one of its great appeals with early users, what its exclusivity.  Users needed an invite from another user to join as well as an “.edu” email address from a supporting university.  And similar to YouTube, Facebook’s viral nature propelled it to go from a barely visible college site, to a seemingly overnight world-wide sensation.

The Social Network Review and the Wonderful World of Facebook:

After being launched in 2005, Facebook has grown into an international phenomenon, which if it were an actual country would be about the 4th largest country in the world!  Just about everyone who has access to the internet has either heard of facebook and likely uses it on a daily basis.  It has grown from something originally intended to take the college experience to the online world, to being a viral sensation which has completely changed the way we share media and communication around the globe.

The Social Network movie, while it showcases both the story of Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg as well has how his personality and motivations drove him in life, this movie is also largely about how success can change a person, who they are, their life and their relationships.  This can apply and relate to just about any of us, that a person’s desires and needs in life will drive and motivate them to either create amazing things or self-destruct.

No matter what your goals are in life, always be sure to keep your motives in check and put people and faith first and your path ahead will be a much smoother one for sure!

Next, read more about how we are applying and utilizing The Social Network world to earn a residual income - fill out the form on the first page and then watch the videos on the second page to learn more about what we do and teach in the Social Network and Social Media Marketing world! Also, watch my video on a Free Social Media Marketing Plan here, and then connect with me on Facebook to learn more about me and what I do and teach!

Emily Stoik is an Online Marketing Coach and Corporate Trainer for what is arguably the World’s Largest Internet Marketing School available today. Specializing in Article Marketing, Social Media Networking and other aspects to a profitable

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