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When you start to write your resume first time and want to write a professional looking resume you must research about how to write a professional resume. You can find lot of info about resume writing over the Internet but the best place to start is study some resume samples. Study resume samples those are related to your field. Do study of professionally written resumes. I don’t need to tell how important it is to have a professional looking great resume in the task of job search. To get started see the great Free resume templates. You can see most professional templates are in simple black and white color. To keep your resumes professional look keep it simple. When you study other resume samples you will get an idea of what you should write in your resume. Some folks use different colors and new designs in resume to attract the prospective employer. Using colors or inappropriate designs in resume gives it a fancy look and make it distracting. Study different resume samples that matches your background to get better understanding of an ideal resume. Such as how long your resume should be? What information you should include and what to avoid? What info you should write at the beginning and what you should give less preference. For example you will like someones objective statements and other’s summery statements. You can use both to guide yourself while writing your own resume. In short take the best of each resume sample. When you will see very first resume sample you may become tempted to just copy paste that sample. Edit the info you required. Be it won’t be unique and wont be that something like stand out from other applicant and appreciated from the HR manager. Instead of just copy pasting use other sample resumes as idea generators. e.g. after studying some job objectives in professional resume you will get a clear idea of how to write a job objective for yourself. Keep in mind that the person who is gonna read your resume is experienced folk in this field and deal with hundreds of resume daily. So if you just copy paste resume samples he will likely to know. He will assume that you are not that interested in job as you have made your resume carelessly. However a effectively written resume will get the attention of the HR Manager.

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