Improve Your Basketball Shooting Skills

August 5, 2011 | Author: vernoneationeo | Posted in Basketball

You can locate a lot of theories about how to make your basketball shooting skills better. But, it really comes down to keeping the fundamentals in mind. Basketball is a combination of physical conditioning, general abilities, the right moves and mind concentration. Shooting the ball is where all of these different things are needed. It’s obviously the most important aspect of the game. So let us discuss the most successful plan for making your skills get better real quick.

Practice as much as you can on your own and with your team. Practicing the same shots repeatedly is the only way to improve your skills, although it can be tedious. This simple drill can be helpful; practice taking shots standing close to the basket and slowly move further away. You will learn how to keep your balance while also learning how much force is needed to make shots at varying distances.

And as you improve, it will help build your confidence. Even though basketball is an intense and very physical game, you can often improve your shooting abilities by relaxing and handling the ball more softly. Obviously, you want to have a firm enough grip that you can control the ball and it’s not easy for someone to grab it from you. However, when shooting, many players make the mistake of holding on too tightly and applying more force than necessary. You can see evidence of this when the ball bounces hard off the rim. Let your fingertips spin the ball a little. This is so that it goes in the right direction and not just in a general location.

You will need to work on improving your vertical jump, as well, because jump shots are an important part of shooting. You will notice you have greater control and better aim if you keep your elbow in and under the ball as much as possible. The longer the shot needs to be, the higher you will need to jump. But make sure that you’re not focusing on jumping so much that you lose control of your hand and the ball.

Make the shot in one fluid motion. Release the ball as you reach the peak of your jump. With plenty of practice, you can perfect your jumping and your jump shots.

There is no quick way to become a great basketball shooter. You will need to work hard and practice a lot. After identifying the areas where you need the most help, spend time focusing on them. You will start to see improvement in your shooting skills when you use the above tips to help you.

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