How to Control Social Stress in Your Life

September 28, 2011 | Author: JosephGoddard77 | Posted in Stress Management

Social stress is something many people experience on occasion, but for some people it’s extreme enough to interfere with daily life. Dealing with social stress does not have to be difficult, and there are many ways to tackle it that are much easier than you would think. The following are several ways that you can cope with social stress or at least reduce its effects on your life.

You diet might play a part in the amount of stress that you have to deal with. Even though a change of diet may not alleviate all of your stress, but it will probably help in the long run. If your diet has a lot of stimulants like sugar or caffeine, this will make you anxious. Try to eliminate these things from your diet as much as possible. Also, make sure that you get a good balance of foods and nutrients like veggies, proteins and carbs. If you mainly eat starchy foods, this is the kind of imbalanced diet that can affect your metabolism and cause symptoms such as anxiety. When you take supplements or B vitamins, this can have a positive effect on your nervous system and help you in the end.

People who suffer from social anxiety plenty of times think that they have an uncommon condition.

This isn’t the case at all. Basically, a majority of people feel stress when placed in specific social conditions. For instance, a lot of people become stressed out when they have to speak in front of other people, meet other people for the first time or deal with first dates. However, a few people encounter social anxiety on a level that makes going through ordinary life very difficult. If you have come to the conclusion that social situations scare you so badly that it stops you from talking to co-workers, finding friends or interacting with people such as cashiers and waiters, then you should seriously seek the help of a medical professional. But, the type of anxiety that you suffer with is not important just as long as you are aware that it can be eliminated.

A very common solution to dealing with stress you breathing and relaxation exercises on a regular basis. The type of breathing that you have right now, in fact, determines your emotional state at the moment. It is well-known that superficial breathing is directly related to anxiety attacks. People that breathe in short breaths may unintentionally place themselves into a state of fear or panic. You can learn deep breathing and relaxation techniques from various self help books or audio programs. You may also want to study yoga or find someone who practices breath-work. If there’s no one in your area, look it up online and see what programs you can find, as some of these can be quite effective. By learning to relax and breathe deeply in social situations, you can instantly feel more confident.

In conclusion, do not allow social anxiety to stop your from enjoying social events. No matter where you are currently, you have the power to decrease your stress anxiety level. Whether you use self help methods, go to a membership group or get a therapist’s help. As long as you continue to cope with this issue, you will ultimately find a cure.

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