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September 30, 2011 | Author: PralleMcrobbie666 | Posted in Stress Management

Believe it or not, physical stress is usually the manifestation of mental or emotional stress. When you experience feelings of pressure and overwhelm, your mind and physique have many avenues to handle it.

You can experience symptoms that are clearly connected to stress like tension in your jaw from mashing your teeth together and irritating sensations in your stomach or the connection can be more vague with flu-like symptoms and muscle pains. In this article we will be discussing some techniques that can help with your symptoms.

Ease your muscles. There is a technique called Progressive Muscular Relaxation (PMR) that you can use to relax your body when everything feels tense and achy. You will first need to clench a set of muscles until they are as tight as possible.

Keep your muscles in the contracted position for around three seconds. Next, loosen them up until you are totally relaxed. Your muscular system will feel a lot better and your brain will get the message that you are in control.

Don’t rush. You need to slow things down, even if you are used to living life in the fast lane. Walk, don’t sprint. Don’t take the stairs two at a time. Check everything twice so you can relax that you are doing your job properly. No matter how torturous you find it to take things slower and to check your tasks, you will find that the pain will diminish with time and the stress will be more manageable.

Many people feel stressed when they are surprised. Train yourself to make plans ahead of time, provided you don’t manage surprises well. Some people find quite a bit of comfort and relaxation in having a simple routine to follow. One doesn’t have to design their day minute by minute (although it might relieve you more) yet just adding a tiny amount of balance can minimize the stress you feel physically.

It can be difficult to cope with physical stress. Since you never know if it’s an injury or other ailment or it genuinely is stress, there is always some mystery involved. It can also take a while to properly diagnose – sometimes you’ll get treated for a few different things before you and your doctor figure out that the cause of your physical symptoms is stress. You’ll be happy to hear that you can avoid the pain. There are many options to help you relieve the pain.

The tips in this article can help you with that while your doctor finalizes your diagnosis.

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