Fendi Bag – A Wonderful Choice

October 13, 2011 | Author: replicadiscount | Posted in Movies

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Fendi is a famous brand of luxuries in Italy, a well-known family of leather bags at the beginning of its foundation, and the most famous product of Fendi is the Fendi Baguette handbags, which was designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi. In the year of 1965, for the joining of Karl Lagerfeld, Fendi gradually expanded its business to top rank of women clothes, perfume shoes and other fashion products.
Autumn and Winter Fashion Show of Fendi has presented us the splendid everlasting charming from 1950s to 2010: perfect blending of classic and modern, combination of trend and artistic.
No.1 antique bag
The earliest popular antique bag was originated in Europe, and you can see sale of antique bags in antique shops and flea market. These bags are made in accordance with popular trends in the 1950s, but they are still hot now among mature women. And in the fashion cities, such as Paris and London, you can find some antique bags in the wardrobe of young people.

No.2 classic embossing flowery cowhide bags
Fendi does not abandon classic style in any time, and this year, Fendi still issued another style of classic leather bag, which was made of cowhide leather, bearing embossing flowery patterns. The classic style, exquisite craftsmanship, and everlasting hues can attract eyes from all walks of people anywhere in the world.

No.3 fashionable handbags in simple style
This style handbag is majored in black, brown, and camel color, graceful and sedate, plain but stylish. Take a look at Fendi advertisement for this bag. Wearing wide leather coat and a pair of sunglasses, the model Anja Rubik is showing luxury and mature feminine completely with the Fendi bag on the hand casually.
And at last, you should keep in mind of the double F label of Fendi on the bags, and the thick and solid lines, or narrow and thin lines, plus patterns with rhythm feelings are frequent characteristics of Fendi handbags.

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