Unforgettable Experience Of Shopping On Line

October 13, 2011 | Author: replicadiscount | Posted in Movies

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Speaking of this accident, I wanted to laugh. It was the first time for me to buy items on line.
I remember I visited a lot of online shops, and also picked up seriously. I nearly felt dizzy when I was faced with so many different kinds of beautiful clothes, daily articles, and so on. After a long time, I was finally attracted by a sparkling wallet because of elegant color, nice shape, and the fabric quality. So I decided to buy the wallet at once, I try many times to pay money by credit card but all failed. So the biggest problem is I don’t know how to pay for my favorite wallet on line, I have no knowledge of the payment procedure, then I turn to treasurer for help and hope to accept his advice on how to pay (In retrospect of the deal, I feel scared because there are a lot of swindlers appear on line, let alone transactions which is related with money).

Then the treasurer teaches me how to pay for the goods step by step. And I asked many concerned problems he all answered me in details without any manifestation of impatience. When arrives at the last step I was only to find that I had already payed for it due to my previous error trying and payed 100 yuan (I should pay 37 yuan for it). I was speechless, but the treasurer was very kind, he gave back my money and told me to be careful next time.
In my opinion, I think such a good seller is really rare, because he was willing to spend his precious time to teach me step by step how to buy things online, but also didn’t defraud of money because I am a green hand. I want to write of this trivial incident to spread out this traditional virtue and hope other treasurer learn from him, put the customer first, so, business is bound to grow prosperously.

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