"Working with NipunInfotech has been a pleasure from start to finish. Throughout each phase of the web design and development process from initial concept to completion NipunInfotech has provided invaluable creative input, design expertise, and technical talent."

Col RS Gadhok

School Automation System

A comprehensive School Automation system developed exclusively to enhance school administration and student management.
The software is exclusively developed for school administrators to effectively manage every aspect of school administration and student information:
Keep all of your administrative offices up-to-date on student information, grades, and activities
Reporting tools allow you to get the specific information to meet your needs Ensure the integrity of student records, enhance the entire school up-to-date on communications with your applicants and students
1. User Friendly.
2. Complete software is developed in such a way that no prior computer knowledge is necessary.
3. Easy installation, easy to operate, no requirement of key disk.
4. Complete integration of all modules.
5. Can be installed on any version of MS- Windows i.e. MS-Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000/XP.
6. Provide complete Control to Administrator.
7. Selected Access by User.
8. Menu driven.
9. Powerful and selective Backup / Restore system.
10. Provide Complete Database.
11. No data loss, beautiful screens and colors.
12. Utilities like calculator, calendar, notepad etc.
13. Easy Maintenance.
14. Excellent after sales services. No wrong commitments, just genuine business.
15. Less data entries, practical report generation, fast printing.
16. Unbreakable password system.
17. Can Be Upgraded.
18. Flexible to Work as Requirements of Schools.
19. Portable.
20. Faster Response.
21. Mega School is the only software of its kind in the country committed to deliver powerful, error free, most complete and absolutely practical system at a very low price.
22. Countrywide prompt delivery services & support.
23. Comes with detailed manual & user reference guide

Inventory Software

Customized inventory software to suit any kind of stores, retail shops etc, all kinds of detailed reports like daily sales, purchase, stock etc. It can be modified as per your requirements.

Hospital Management Software

Complete customized solutions for Hospitals, clinics, laboratories. It is a client server application and is made in such a way that the entire operations are automated. It has all the needful reports which are needed to efficiently run hospitals, clinics.

Restaurant Management System

This is a complete solution for managing all the affairs of Restaurants and small hotels. Completely automates all aspects of day to day operations like Kitchen inventory, purchase, sale, billing, home delivery, discounts etc.

Institute Management System

Institute Management System is an application which manages the Institute info by keeping the details of Student. It manages student info. from the day He/She gets registered to the day they are placed in the company for the job at good post.

Advocate Mate

This is a software suite that has been written for the practising Advocate. It automates much of the housekeeping, essentially performing those actions that are traditionally either done manually by the Advocate, a secretary or outsourced to an accountant.
It manages complete history of all cases. Very wide reports like Previous and new dates for cases, client lists, Judge names, case histories etc.

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