"Working with NipunInfotech has been a pleasure from start to finish. Throughout each phase of the web design and development process from initial concept to completion NipunInfotech has provided invaluable creative input, design expertise, and technical talent."

Col RS Gadhok
Web 2.0 Design

Internet has been a successful medium for business and communication around the world, past all these years.  However, there’s always a scope for improvement. With the onset of the new generation of web development and design, Web 2.0 design, today has engulfed the market with enhanced features & security.  It acts as a refined online instrument that makes web experience much interactive, simple and user friendly, which means the user is in command of his system.  The application has extremely interesting features which enables the user to be deeply connected with the application.  The other specifications of this application are: it can run any application from the web browser, can modify content present on the web and can add various values to design and flow of Web 2.0 design.

Below are some basic features and facts about Web 2.0:

    1. The application uses Web resources and platforms to provide an enhanced experience and feel to the online marketing and business management.
    2. To guide them or traffic and users to your website, it is important to socialize with a lot of people present on the other networks such as Facebook, MySpace, blogger,Flickr, Wordpress  and Youtube in addition to RSS feeds.  Maintain the list of visitors, appreciating customers and other Marketing Partners and various other people who come under the Web 2.0 network.
    3. Try and master marketing of Web 2.0.  This can be done by spreading out your business.  In order to achieve this, start new blog sites, create a profile and social networking sites, sharing resources, installing an uploading RSS feeds to let people know what you are offering.
    4. Web 2.0 is efficient in creating eye catching websites that leaves an awestruck look on the visitors.  It is not just the design that catches the eye of the visitor that the special effects added to the site provides excellent opportunity for a sure hit to the site. Use Web 2.0 Design and be a proud owner of the web site.
    5. With Web 2.0 design highlight key phrases, use larger fonts and create a striking website.
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