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Col RS Gadhok

Today, search engine optimization is no more an alien term.  Every online business has realized its importance and benefits for website marketing. The specialists of the Online marketing world state that to popularize and get recognized in the online world it is important to spread awareness of your services over the internet. While looking for a service or product a customer always clicks on the first few sites that appear on the Search engines. It is therefore important to achieve a higher page ranking than your competitive brands. This is where the Search engine Marketing plays an important role.

SEO or Search engine Optimization thus, helps in providing higher page rankings, by using certain special techniques and methods. Marketing an enterprise over the Internet should not be underestimated. It requires constant research and development technology. You do not achieve a quick win as the ever changing market has to be analyzed before delivering results. SEO improves ranking of a website based upon the targeted keywords. Search Engine Optimization is a long term process and requires proper planning and strategy to achieve the desired result.

The foremost is the importance of Keywords. Keywords are phrases which are used by the targeted customer while he is searching for any service or product. A comprehensive research and analysis of the same with time-to-time revision can lead to the popular keywords and phrases which in turn can help in successful SEO work. The keywords are then used in the content and articles and any other subject matter to be placed on the website which in turn will help in generating maximum traffic.

After that page optimization is performed on the complete website that contains text, codes as well as anchor text. SEO copywriting is another method that involves content creation which centers on the targeted keywords.

Next is the Link building which is done if the keyword is extremely competitive. It involves searching of suitable blogs, online directories, etc., which will in turn link the page using keyword that is opted for search engine. Other ways are online press releases, blog marketing, article marketing, etc.

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